Mexico Bass Fishing

Now that I work a regular job and no longer guide anglers for bass down on the Texas/Mexico border, I find myself lacking what used to be an everyday occurrence for me . . . bass catching. I say catching because I no longer have the time nor the desire to go bass fishing. I feel the need in my limited days available to fish, to afford myself the luxury of fishing places where I know the bass populations are so good, the fishing pressure so low, that I have the best chance possible to have days that provide memories my friends and I will never forget.

The past 3 years I have had the pleasure of fishing lakes Picachos, Comadero, Bacarrac, and El Salto Mexico. Every day on these lakes has not only brought great size and numbers of bass, but more importantly, great fun, laughs, and camaraderie with friends old and new. Our rodeo on this earth is a short one in the grand scheme of things, good times spent with great friends and family are how I want to ride this life out.

I have visited Picachos, Comadero, and El Salto via Ron Speed Jr. outfitters. I can honestly say that this group has customer service absolutely figured out! I cannot recall a single instance where they were lacking in any way. The Speed family has been in the outfitting business for many decades, and it shows. They listen to the client, do all they possibly can to accommodate them and even follow up after to make sure their trip was as close to perfect as they could possibly make it. The Speeds have their camps set up on a rotating guide system. Everyone in the camp changes guides each day. I love this as you get to experience so many different fishing locations, it increases how versatile of a fisherman you need to be. Every guide has you fishing his areas with techniques he knows is best for that particular location. Each lake is great fishing. Picachos offers massive numbers of bass. 100-200 fish days are the norm. Trees, rocks, a good river, it has it all. My favorite Ron Speed lake is Comadero. Recently reopened, it is loaded with fat healthy bass and its cover allows for flipping, casting, topwater, cranking as well as jig/Texas rig fishing.

My lake Bacarrac experience was through a lodge called Los Torreones. It is located a 3 hour drive from Culiacan, Mexico. Besides offering what I feel is the absolute best chance to catch a double digit bass, here you fish out of 20-22 foot fiberglass bass boats, not the aluminum boats that are pretty much the norm at most Mexican lodges. Once again, great customer service, meals, lodging and pricing will take me back to this lodge again in 2018. Bacarrac is a structure fisherman’s dream. Big swimbaits, football head jigs and Carolina rigs were used on our trip. A great number of fish were caught offshore for us. I never set my 1 oz. Jobaby football jig down after 10 am each day. Undoubtably my favorite way to catch bass is with a jig. The back of the throat THUMP when a big fish inhales it is a feeling I live for!

If you are in the same position as me and are all about making your trips “catching” more than fishing, consider a trip to a Mexico fishing lodge. Fantastic fishing at a great value is what you will receive. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions.

Jim Behnken
Western Program Director for Catch A Special Thrill Foundation
C.A.S.T. For Kids / Take A Warrior Fishing