Cool Weather – Cool Fishing

The weather has cooled down in Rockport, TX but not too cool for the redfish and trout. In order to be a successful angler, you must first accept one simple fact, there are times when fishing is GREAT and times when it is tough. There are lots of things to consider when fishing, like wind, weather, tides, currents, and holding your mouth just right. My wife got her limit of reds and yea she is actually holding the third redfish in her mouth! She’s crazy like that. She’ll try anything once or maybe twice.

Any of these factors can affect your ability to catch fish. After all they are living breathing creatures. This reality is what keeps people coming back. There are more good days on the water than bad ones, for sure. We all have those days when everything comes together, but on the other hand we all have those days when you come up with zero. I guess that’s why they call it fishing and not catching. Listening to the Captain of the boat is of utmost importance. He’s out there more than you are and if you’ve hired him, let him do the job for you. It’s strange to me when I’m hired as a Capt. or some call it as a Guide and the customer wants to tell me where to go and how to catch the fish. I don’t know why they hired me in the first place. If you have the opportunity to hire a guide, remember to listen to him, he usually knows where and when to fish.

With fall approaching it is a wonderful time to fish. The scorching sun of the summer is feeling gentler and the north winds are cooling us down. The bigger reds are running at the jetties and are a great sport to catch one. Crisper weather and water temperatures move the reds and trout to deeper waters, whether it be into deeper areas of the flats or into the Gulf. This year has been awesome for catching the bigger ones and they are still running. The trout have been plentiful this year also and unlike most years past the trout are biting on live mullets. Most fishermen are also hunters which leaves less people and boats on the water which equals more fish being caught by each fisherman.

So fall is a wonderful time to fish. The weather is cooler, the water is cooler, and the fish are friskier. Taking a trip to Rockport before or after that hunting trip could be a really productive fishing trip. You might even get that special fish to mount.

My lovely wife Beverly is standing by the telephone ready to book your fishing trip, just ask her if she’s the crazy woman who holds fish with her teeth or mouth. All kidding aside, give her a call and she will get you set up and book your fishing trip. Lots of information is on our website and if you have fished with us before you might even see your picture.

Capt. Charles Newton
(361) 729-8220